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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-121,2,3-Triazolylated Carbohydrate and Aromatic Motifs: In Quest of Crescent-Shaped Acidic Inhibitors of Ribonuclease ADas, Ashrukana
20141,5- Disubstituted 1,2,3-Triazoles from Vinyl Sulfonesation: Synthesis and PropertiesDey, Santu
2015-06-29T11:08:06Z1,5-Disubstituted 1,2,3-Triazolylated Saccharides from Vinyl Sulfones: Syntheses and ApplicationsKayet, Anirban
2015-062-Periodic/2-Rate Compensation of Discrete-Time PlantsChakraborty, Sayantan
2013-012D and 3D Nanofiller Reinforced Silicone Rubber Nanocomposites: Preparation, Characterization and PropertiesPradhan, Bratati
20083-D Reconstruction With Feature Level Fusion Of Range And Intensity ImagesPati, Umesh Chandra
2017-01-013D Hybrid Filler Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Thermoplastic Polyurethane/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber Blend NanocompositesRoy, Saheli
2015-063D Underground Mine Mapping Using 6D Slam Based Prototype Mobile RobotGhosh, Dibyendu
1994-04Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study of Bonding in Electron-Deficient Molecules and in Ion-Dipole ComplexesNANDI, PRASANTA KUMAR
1991-05AB INITIO SCF Calculations of Atomic Charge and Valency in the Framework of a General Nonsingular Transformation of AO Basis SetsBEHERA, LINGARAJ
1999-03Abatement of Endosulfan Pollution From Water Environment Using Indigenous Wood CharcoalSUDHAKAR, YEDLA
2008-11-10Abatement Of Sulfur Dioxide From Industrial Flue Gases In A Counter-Current Multi-Stage Fluidized Bed ReactorMohanty, Chittaranjan
2020-07Abnormality Detection and Localization in Image and VideoSharma, Manoj Kumar
2020-06Above Ground Biomass Estimation in Tropical Forests Using Multi-Sensor Data SynergyGhosh, Sujit Madhab
1988-01-01Abrasive Wear of Cultivator Shovel in SoilsMurthy, Namburu Radhakrishna
2017-09-01Abroma Augusta Mucilage Polysaccharide as a Self Assembled Nano-Scale Carrier for Food ApplicationsRoy, Anupam
2003-09Absorption of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide into Blended AlkanolaminesMandal, Bishnupada
1993-07Absorption of Carbon Dioxide into Aqueous Solutions of 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-PropanolSaha, Asit Kumar
2008Absorption Of Carbon Dioxide Into Piperazine Activated AlkanolaminesSamanta, Arun kumar
2014-11Access Control Models for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMaity, Soumya