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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956Studies on the Catalytic High Pressure Syntheses of Glycollic Acid and its Esters from Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde and Water or AlcoholsVir, Dharam
1956Studies on the Catalytic Synthesis of Vinyl Ethers from Acetylene and AlcoholsSen, Soumendra Nath
1956Studies on the Polymerization and Copolymerization of Some Vinyl Esters of Higher Fatty AcidsKurian, C. J.
1956Annual Report 1955 - 1956Kharagpur, IIT
1957Studies on the High Pressure Syntheses of Adipic Acid and Delta-Valerolactone From Tetrahydrofuran, Carbon Monoxide and Water In Presence Of Nickel, Cobalt and CatalystNandi, Dilip Kumar
1957Flow Through Elastic TubesNarasimhan, M. N. L.
1957Hypo-Elastic ProblemsVerma, P.D.S.
1957Studies on the Synthesis of B - Lactams and Mixed Orthoesters of TitaniumMazumdar, B. N. Ghosh
1957Heat Transfer by Laminar Flow of Incompresible Viscous FluidsSingh, S. N.
1957Studies on Ball Mill Grinding of CoalDatta, B. C.
1958Studies on the Propagation of Radio WavesChatterjee, Biswanath
1958Rotational FlowsSarma, L. V. K. Viswanadha
1958Plane Elastostatic Problems by Function-Theoretic MethodMohan, Madan
1958Mixed Boundary-Value Problems for Rectilinear PlatesNariboli, G. A.
1958Compressible Flows With Heat Transfer and Some Astrophysical ApplicationsGupta, A. S.
1958Distributions of Mean Square Successive Difference Statistics and Some Other ProblemsJogdea, S S
1958Some Studies on Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers, Low Loss Filters and OscillatorsREDDY, ANTHEM RAJI
1958Studies on the Catalytic Syntheses of Lactic Acid Formic Acid and Propionic Acid at High PressuresRao, R. Atchyuta
1958Studies In The Flow Of Non-Newtonian FluidsSrivastava, A. C.
1958Annual Report 1957 - 1958Kharagpur, IIT