Institutional Digital Repository

IDR captures your data in any format – in text, video, audio, and data. It distributes it over the web. It indexes your work, so users can search and retrieve your items. It preserves your digital work over the long term. IDR provides a way to manage your research materials and publications in a professionally maintained repository to give them greater visibility and accessibility over time.

The IDR is searchable through a number of simple or advanced interfaces. It can be browsed by author, department, subject, and format. The IDR is not necessarily intended to be a destination, but rather a platform for syndicating content. Consequently, information contained in the IDR can easily and seamlessly be incorporated into the Web pages of the campus-wide portal.


Please Note:

1. PhD thesis are accessible to users till abstract level, as Ph.D thesis are scholarly articles / research materials henceforth direct download of full document is restricted.

2. For downloading a Ph.D thesis please go through the community "How To Download Fulltext".

3. Please Do Not Register youself

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